fLowRider, a JAVA™ implementation of a WSFL flow engine with an easy to use graphical user interface, is currently available in its premier usable version 0.7. Able to call web services based on either SOAP or XML-RPC, it can be used in a wide variety of workflow and web services conscious environments.

Current limitations include a limited variety of control link evaluation operations, lacking support for multi-threaded flows and support for only a subset of the WSFL specification. In its current version, fLowRider is only able to interpret WSFL flow models, ignoring global models.
Further, fLowRider uses a customized dialect of WSFL and supports sequential message layout only.
But nevertheless all basic functionality required in the WSFL standard proposal has been implemented and fLowRider's open, object-oriented architecture, besides the fact that it was published under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), makes it easy for any interested programmer to add the missing features and tailor the engine to one's specific needs.

May the source be with you...
Christian W. Günther [flowrider.info@deckfour.com]

Screenshot of fLowRider: Flow Graph view with dialog, showing properties of activity clicked on in graph [click to enlarge].  

Background Information:

To get into the subject of Web Services Orchestration and WSFL in particular, you can read a paper I wrote about this subject and, last but not least, IBM's WSFL 1.0 specification by Frank Leyman. To grasp fLowRider's abilities and its limitations, you might want to take a look at the sample WSFL document provided, describing a simple flow currently used to test fLowRider.

WSFL 1.0 draft specification
Premier standard specification by IBM's Frank Leyman
Implementing Interorganizational Workflows via Web Services Orchestration
The paper that triggered development of fLowRider, by Christian W. Guenther
WSFL sample flow 'creditPointsInformation'
Sample WSFL document used in testing the fLowRider engine.

Call for participation:

Are you interested in the subject or just the next episode java grandmaster? If you are or if you ain't, your participation in the fLowRider project appreciated and more than welcome.
This project covers emerging technologies and not only therefore, it is always high time to start working, before other players step in and take over the market ;)
C'mon, there's nothing to it: Get an account at sourceforge.net and post us a note [flowrider@deckfour.com], after a maximum of 48 hrs (i bet there won't be more than 5 hrs) you'll be in, given the fact you mean it!
You should be either interested in the subject to perform administrative and promotional tasks, or be a skilled Java programmer, but after all any participation is welcome!


Use sourceforge file overview pages to obtain the fLowRider source and binaries [click here].

Alternatively you can check out the latest source tree via CVS access.

Dependencies and prerequisites:

Please notice that, in order to run fLowRider, you will need following extra packages:

Overview about the project services provided:


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